God is in the Business

Give more.


God is in the business of putting people in the right place, at the right time. However, the right place often feels like the wrong place, and the right time often feels like the wrong time. Were designed to chase lions and step out in faith. 

As we’re gaining more tractional TMGC, I’m looking for companies that have a strong mission behind their products to be featured in our box. As a subscription box, our strength lies in the fact that we send the same products in every box, every month. Some other boxes send different products every month, with different values and leave the consumer wondering what they will receive each month. While some people enjoy this, I need something I can rely on each month to help me dress well.

I have noticed that having influences post about us on Instagram has helped us gain followers on social media & has indirectly led to a few sales. I sent each influencer a box for free along with a discount code to give their followers. A percentage of each subscription that used their influencer’s code to sign up would be shared with the influencer. I haven’t had any of the codes used yet, but I believe the exposure is helping us gain credibility.

As a result of this attention we are receiving, I’m getting more requests for products to be featured in our box. I have to be selective – eventually we will be box full of products with a purpose. Right now I’m having to source some products myself – which I would like to exchange for using an organization with a strong mission.

Give, give, give. As Jesus said, It’s more blessed to give than receive. We are a company based around the teachings of Jesus, and will step out, take risks and chase lions to honor God. What have you done to help people who aren’t as fortunate as you? who didn’t have the same type of childhood, less income, less supportive parents, and maybe even skipped meals. How can you help?? Visit us at http://www.MorningGrindClub.com or email me at kevin.king@morninggrindclub.com to learn more.


Take Care,

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