Extending My Reach

“What would I do if I ran my own business?? How could I extend my reach to help other people? I wanted to have a Christian touch, but not yell at my market..”


May 7th, 2016 I graduated from Oklahoma State University. I had just received my degree in Entrepreneurship and was planning for my wedding that was going to take place exactly ONE WEEK from the day. One week after the honeymoon I was going to start my first full time job – I was a real adult.. Barley.

My new job required me to dress in a full suit everyday. I soon realized my 3 pair of dress socks, old undershirts & small selection of ties wasn’t going to cut it. One of my ties had a stain on it (no idea how it got there, when did I even wear it??) which slimmed my selection by one. I needed to grow my wardrobe .. BUT THAT’S EXPENSIVE! So I started looking into subscription boxes to help, but I couldn’t find a box that satisfied my desire to receive the same products every month.

*thinking to myself*
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