Upping the Writing Gain

Writing environment currently in construction…


The Morning Grind Club is currently constructing a writing environment for our community of followers. It is our vision to bring together a writing community who live to give, to explore men’s apparel and admire professional fashions of the modern today and the future styles of tomorrow. We want to answer questions like: “How do you look suave with less?” “How do you go about pressing your pants without damaging the fabrics?” “What makes up a proper but stylish sock and tie comp?”

All of these questions, TMG Club wants to answer and bring our community a place to give us feedback on our page.

When will we finish this blog site? TMG Club is currently using WordPress for free, but our hope is to expand. TMG Club is going continue to make posts related to why we do what we do on this site. In the next couple of weeks expect to see more improvements.

God is in the Business

Give more.

God is in the business of putting people in the right place, at the right time. However, the right place often feels like the wrong place, and the right time often feels like the wrong time. Were designed to chase lions and step out in faith.  Continue reading “God is in the Business”

Extending My Reach

“What would I do if I ran my own business?? How could I extend my reach to help other people? I wanted to have a Christian touch, but not yell at my market..”

May 7th, 2016 I graduated from Oklahoma State University. I had just received my degree in Entrepreneurship and was planning for my wedding that was going to take place exactly ONE WEEK from the day. One week after the honeymoon I was going to start my first full time job – I was a real adult.. Barley.

My new job required me to dress in a full suit everyday. I soon realized my 3 pair of dress socks, old undershirts & small selection of ties wasn’t going to cut it. One of my ties had a stain on it (no idea how it got there, when did I even wear it??) which slimmed my selection by one. I needed to grow my wardrobe .. BUT THAT’S EXPENSIVE! So I started looking into subscription boxes to help, but I couldn’t find a box that satisfied my desire to receive the same products every month.

*thinking to myself*
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